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LJ has been being a butt-head lately... Title: >Nothing… - shoujo anime/manga drabbles

About LJ has been being a butt-head lately... Title: >Nothing…

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LJ has been being a butt-head lately...

Title: >Nothing yet...<
Rating: >G or PG<
Author: Danica Kai
Warnings: None, yet.

Even though the raven-haired girl went to a different school than she did, it didn’t stop the thought of her filtering through her mind. Deep dark violet eyes that held a raging fire within. Passion that burned with a fury hidden deep and waiting to catch onto something (Or someone…), incinerate it to ash only to bring it back and do it over and over again. Mysteries to unfold in one single girl, a challenge to behold and nothing to do but wait for the bell to ring. How was she, a dopey ocean eyed blonde meatball head, to figure out the secrets untold of her beautiful fiery priestess without getting burnt?

Ask her…

A scoff, a mental slap, a quiet laugh and then silence. Ask her? One of her most fierce, enticing and mystical as well, senshi. No, she didn’t want to hurt the friendship she had with the volatile priestess, it was hard enough when she had been trying to earn the trust of her.

Just ask her…

There it was again. That ever-persistent voice in the back of her mind, telling her to ask the priestess when she knew that it was an impossible feat and the fire senshi would never agree to such a vile thing. Then again, how was she so sure she never would?


Serena sighed, shaking her head. She’ll ask…
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