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shoujo_drabble's Journal

shoujo anime/manga drabbles
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Welcome to shoujo_drabble! The shoujo anime/manga drabble community was inspired by the ff_drabble and vgdrabble communities, and is a place to post drabbles related to shoujo anime or manga. Drabbles related to gender neutral series are also accepted here.

What are drabbles, you ask? A drabble is defined as a literary work of approximately 100 words, but anything under 500 is acceptable. :) There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when posting:

- If the piece is over 200 words, please hide it beneath an lj-cut tag. (Don't know how? Click here.)

- Anything rated above PG-13 (NC-17, R) should be behind an LJ-cut, regardless of size.. just to make sure no virgin eyes are corrupted. ;)

- Do not be rude in reviewing/commenting on others' works, or you'll be removed. Constructive criticism is nice, rudeness is not.

- All Utena drabbles should be posted at utenadrabble. You can post them here if you'd like, but that community is specifically for them.

- If you're posting a pairing, please post which one (ex. Ami/Rei, etc.) and whether it's slash or not.

- Have fun!

This community is maintained by rainyhaze so fire any and all questions at her. (And for reference, the meaning of life is, indeed, 42.) Thanks to all who post and review. :)